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Complex Drama: the Oracle Deck

“Asking the proper question is the central action of transformation- in fairy tales, in analysis, and in individuation. The key question causes germination of consciousness. The properly shaped question always emanates from an essential curiosity about what stands behind. Questions are the keys that cause the secret doors of the psyche to swing open.”
― Clarissa Pinkola Estés

I have a new offering.

Trauma has patterns. Identifiable underlying patterns. The emptying out of the self, the reduced access to identity, pleasure, play rest. The fragmentation of the physiology and the spirit. The blocking of creative life force. The normalizing shit no one should have to know, see or feel. 


When folks started connecting with me less for herbal support (though I haven't found anyone who has turned it down LOL) and more as a trusted partner in exploring these patterns, these cards slowly began being born. Which is slightly hilarious because I have said over and over I am no good a Tarot and 'can't read cards or do that kind of divination.' Ah, what we say sometimes the ancestors giggle at. They have come to me as living cards and as a portal that can be opened, without me needing to know all the details, without you needing to share past any comfort level that feels natural to you, as a way to examine and illuminate the patterns. 

As I type this I am giggling at myself a bit. Some projects just demand they be done much like a cat at dinner time and this is that. These cards are based on some of the core patterns in complex trauma personal and collective trauma. They are made by my hand and deeply, deeply ingrained in me. These cards allow us to explore what underlying pattern, source, bad spell or outdated survival strategy might be at root of something you are struggling to get through, get out of or transform. 

These cards have a sense of humor and also cut right into many of the incredibly ugly ways trauma contorts, limits, lies and lingers. They also look to ways that can be undone, point to clues and offer validation. I'll be introducing some of them in the library :)

This work allows me to show up intensely as your partner in unspelling this crap without being a counselor. I am not a mental health practitioner and do not do that kind of work (nor am I governed or protected by those licensing laws). That's important to know and this work can be a lovely compliment should you have someone who is holding the longer term arc of your journey. I'm a plant-working witch who refuses to be saddled down by bad spells and making my way through the world as a resource to others whose bad spells have an expiration date coming soon :) 

We get to drop in, call on the cards for either a more general (what's going on? where's it showing up/holding me back?) or more specific to a situation (what are the forces at play here, what are some of the ways out?). The cards that show up are the framework which I can then explain patterns, uncover what resonates and see where liberation can be found. 

Sessions are 90minutes and post-session I'll make a password-protected page for you with the audio recording, pics of the cards and things we talked about, suggestions that come up, plants if they come into play, etc. which you can reference over and over as needed and if we do multiple sessions I can continue to build the page. 

These cards don't predict the future or tell us about what someone else may or may not do. I wouldn't be good at that either LOL. What I am good at in seeing the underlying motivations of things and knowing, KNOWING, how intensely both our spirits and our bodies have worked to protect us, how that protection at some point shows up as a threshold which no longer serves and how damn hard it is (specifically with complex trauma, traumas coupled with other mental health experiences, decades that have instilled tension and pain in our bodies or have seen losses) to see and clear out these patterns on our own. We aren't meant to do it all alone. We never have been meant to do it alone. 

A couple folks asked for a combo pack, like the kind that comes with a drink and fries, so I do have more extended sessions where we can focus on herbal supports and whats happening in the body and also pull some cards to see the larger patterns. 

I am really excited to be doing this work. To be able to show up this way. If you had asked my this time last year if I thought I would make an oracle deck I would have said no way, 'I am not creative like that,' or 'I wouldn't know how to do that,' or 'I can't read cards.' But here we are, the spiraling path of unspelling our personal and collective complex drama. <3

If this work calls to you, you can schedule some time with me and the cards HERE. 

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