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The Online Anxiety Course

A labor of love :)

This offering is many things: A summary of allthe things I wish I cold say when I do a consult for anxiety or trauma but can't squeeze into 90 minutes, context to approach anxiety that does not reduce it down to 'excess nervous system activity.' A look at some of the ways culture + oppression come into the way we understand what 'anxiety' might be and who is doing the defining, as well as a journey with several plants and important neuro-physiology. ...

Here is a recent intro to the course for folks who prefer video:

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I thought long and hard about how I can share what I have learned about 'anxiety' along my journey and through serive to others in a way that does not reduce it to a diagnosis or simple set of physiological 'malfunctions' or it 'being in your head.' So, this online course is more of a journey that I get to facilitate while you do the really hard work of bringing it into the context of your own life. 

Some core perspectives guiding my approach to this offering: That your nervous system is powerful and doing what it knows how to do given what circumstances it is under, that the slower we go the faster we will get there, that transformation happens more in relationship than it does in isolation, that your physiology is beautifully the video I speak more about my approach and why I am excited to offer this course. 

I work to provide solid, accessible information that allows you to deepen your relationship with your truths, with your needs and with what familiar and new resources are part of your arsenal in restoration, repair, and reconnection. Healing, shifting and resilience happens in relationship. That's why this isn't an "8 weeks to eliminate anxiety course" or "learn the missing nutrient you need to heal your anxiety" thing. I can  And, while I can be critical of medical and pharmaceutical industries, I am openly supportive of anything that helps us show up to our lives, including  pharmaceutical supports (meds).

My focus is providing a wealth of information that can help you explore your experiences of neuro-emotional dysregulation (anxiety) and cover accessible plants and practices in a way that helps you discern what might be right for you. There are monthly uploads of new course information and a monthly 'live' webinar style event. 

Here is the basic outline of the course (missing the live events which are archived in the course for access anytime):


  1. Welcome

    1. Hello!!! You're Here!
    2. Course Intro Questionairre
    3. Choose Level of Course Correspondence
    4. Intro to course materials: Audio, Video & .pdfs
    5. Downloadable: Lesson One
  2. How Are You?

    1. Lesson 2: Looking At Right Now
  3. Live Events!

    1. Intro To "Live Events"
    2. Monthly Gatherings: Accessing the TeleSeminars
    3. Check Ins: Accessing Video Webinars
    4. Copy Of Email Sent RE: First Live Event
  4. Tea, Capitalism and Self-defining Our Anxiety

    1. Intro to Lesson Four
    2. Water Is Life. Tea as libation.
    3. A Brief and Recent History of Hysteria
    4. Capitalism and Adrenals at the Crossroads
    5. Pathology Paradigm, Part One
    6. Pathology Paradigm: Part Two
  5. Deep Listening :)

    1. Intro Video/Audio
    2. Audio One (1.5 Hours)
    3. Audio Two (2 Hours)
    4. Audio Three (1.25 Hours)
    5. Audio Four (2 hours I think)
    6. Audio Five (1.5 Hours)
    7. Audio Six (1.5 Hours)
  6. Neuro-Emotional Physiology

    1. Introduction
    2. Queen Amygdala LOL
    3. Subtle Shifts Using Plant Medicines
    4. The Clique: Accomplices with the Amygdala
    5. The Autonomic Nervous System
    6. Using the Neurophysiology Information
  7. ALLIES!!!! An Introduction

    1. An Introduction
    2. Revisiting Allostatic Load
    3. Talking About Herbs As Allies & Sourcing
    4. Herbal Preprations Intro
  8. Breath

    1. Part One
    2. Part Two
    3. Breath: Holy Basil and Ashwagandha
    4. Breath: Astragalus and Mullein
    5. Breath: Lemon Balm, Thyme & Lobelia
    6. Breath: Crampbark & Agrimony
    7. Breath: Rosemary and Yarrow
    8. Exhale: Final Thoughts on Breath and Some Resources
  9. Nerves

    1. Intro!
    2. Nerves: Your Beating Heart <3
    3. Nerves: Flexibility & Adaptogens
    4. Nerves: Working With Nervines
    5. Nerves: Releasing Tension
    6. Nerves: Feeding Inertia
    7. Nerves: Some Thoughts On Pharmaceuticals
  10. Digestion

    1. Coming In May!
  11. Sleep

    1. Coming In June!
  12. Pleasure

    1. Coming In July!
  13. Tying it All Together & Feeling Powerful

    1. Coming In August!
  14. September: Static Course with free access for folks still enrolled during August made and shared :)

Each 'lesson' looks at one of the relationships that might be causing strain on you. Wel look at how do we identify the stressors? What alleviates them? What obstacles arise to changing it? How can we bring in plants to shift this relationship?  What are the impacts on our physiology? How can I make herbal preparations or access resources affordably/at lowest cost on my own? For fun, let me share a .pdf from the course to get familiar with how I might be offering info, HERE

I try to honor multiple learning styles and ways to incorporate information. There are videos in which I introduce materials and share insights regarding the information in each section. I make identical audios of the videos for folks who prefer listening to watching. There are downloadable .pdfs and written materials as well as links to other resources which help flesh out and build upon our focus for that section. The course is based on the internet and these materials can be accessed via mobile devices (except for some of the live webinars on iphones-sorry!). 

Some of the destructive cultural scripts which perpetuate anxiety cycles say:

  • that something is wrong with you, your character and/or your body 
  • that you are solely responsible for fixing it yourself, that you are seperate from the social-cultural forces which you live under or that are forced on you
  • that it is just psychological/ that it is just physical 
  • that you deserve to be anxiety free when you are 'productive enough', 'good enough'
  • that anxiety is result of your personality
  • that experts are the ones who heal us/have power over us/know more about us
  • that herbs are the things that heal us (as opposed to partnering with us)
  • that you feel too much/that you are too sensitive, take things too personally
  • have any you want to add? ;)

Anxiety is the NATURAL outcome of several relationships interplaying in our bodies + spirits that aren't getting what they need. It is most definitely not a character flaw or somewhere you are failing. If that resonates, you might enjoy this journey! 


If you have any questions, shoot me an email at or through the Get In Touch page, I am happy to answer them! 

xoxoxo! k