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Collections from my heart


I haven't quite mastered one way to bring together all that I want to say in one coherent blog. So, I'm organizing them more into collections. Hopefully it makes them more accessible. I write lllloooooooonnnnnggggg posts. It is part of my weaving. It is part of the unspelling process: being intimate enough with the original spell itself so it can be skillfully composted. My deepest hope is that you find something here which reduces isolation, echos sentiments your body already knows and provides tools for your own work towards liberation from trauma and collective oppression. We're in this together. 

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Complex trauma:

Complex PTSD, or Deveopmental Trauma has some things in common with the more understood and researched PTSD and some very important distinctions. My writings are an act of service and love, meant to help bring the core places of wounding some tools, some witnessing and (very importantly) some release from isolation and mystery. I did an initial set of writings over the Fall of 2015 and into 2016. Having spent a year working intimately with folks through herbal consultations, I am excited to add and deepen the collection with all the things I continue to discover in our work together! 


While many in the herbal community like to rally around it as a common framework for 'community,' I have touched my toes in the waters of this community to find the beasts of dominant cultural oppressions to be swimming within its waters too. Naming it so boldly allows the transformation to be fertile. So, here are some pieces of my work as a trauma informed + social justice motivated plant worker. They are imperfect and not meant to be the 'ultimate voice.' In fact, my voice should not be centered as the ultimate anything. That is an old, divisive paradigm. It is simply one voice. My intention is not to diminish the beauty of herbal medicine and practice, but to become another source of support, resistance and introspection for other plant-kin/plant lovers who wish to have an intersectional and anti-oppresive practice. 

unspelling work+ hymns: 

These pieces are very intimate. They are the direct result of my inquiries into personal trauma, social justice and the liberation of earth based + human positive spiritual practices from the oppression of dominant cultural oppression. I want my songs back. They are my work as an herb-chanter and witch. There is some cross over with trauma, for sure, but I thought I would make a different category so that they can be accessed through this lens. I include my work with specific plants to fit here, as our relationship with these incredible creatures could use some unspelling.

a large resource page:

HERE is a resource page I made to keep track of awesome things, I still have a lot to add to it so feel free to book mark! :)