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Since I began talking openly about trauma informed herbalism as both a survivor and as an herbalist I have had the opportunity to work with many herbalists in person and via distance to sort out a number of things: 

  • explore what it means to have and create a unique and individual practice guiding by the desire to avoid replicating services which might re-traumatize or disempower
  • explore specific case studies where trauma is suspected or manifesting and mentor on herbal interventions and support
  • support the creation of a practice infused with social justice, exploring access, struggles around monies and payment (I have worked with a number of options), etc.
  • encouragement on creating a practice aligned with your real living needs + your ethics/concerns

I am super happy to offer this via trade or donation, and I know very personally that herbalist budgets are tight, specifically those with a history of trauma, doing social justice work, part of marginalized communities and dedicated to serving the underserved, so don't be shy in reaching out if I can be a support, donation doesn't have to mean financial exchange either :) Just shoot me a little blurb on the contact page and I will get in touch! :)


teaching!!!!!!! I love to teach. :)

I really, really cherish in person classes. I also love herbal conferences (though admittedly like many other herbalists find them totally overwhelming socially, lol), gatherings of plant people are quite special. I am a bit all over the map in what I can teach and currently really enjoy talking and teaching about complex trauma because there are not enough spaces culturally to earnestly do so. It is the intersections of plants + peaople + trauma + social justice that you can expect in a class with me. If you would like to invite me to teach, whoa! Yes, I would love to be invited, shoot me a quick thing on my contact page and i will get back to you! 

Here are a few of my upcoming events (I have been a bit quiet lately):

And here is a listing of some recent past events I have done (its not a comprehensive list):