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I am so glad you are here. 

This site is my online home, where I can stash my open-hearted, much imperfect offerings as resistance to personal and political complex trauma. I am indebted to many people, both known (find them on the resource page!) and unknown by name, the resisters and activists which have gotten us thus far. 

My sophomore high school english teacher, a trans woman with a love of all things poetry, taught a class that encouraged a self-exploration I had yet to experience in my very trauma-filled life. At one point in the school year we were assigned the task of writing a poem about metaphor using a door. And I wrote my very first poem, called 'blue door.' I was 16 and in it I found my first metaphor for some of the violations I had experienced but had no adults I could trust to talk about it with.

My teacher read this poem to the class, much to my total horror as a teenager, but inside, some gorgeous seed was nurtured that wouldn't come fully into bloom for a couple decades after much suffering and struggle. This poem, though I don't have it anymore, has become a guiding framework for how I am sharing my work. It was the first time I spoke of my trauma, even to myself, a brief door opening that wouldn't open to me again for many, many years. It centered on a blue door that I knew I must go through.

Doors present a certain magical threshold. A marking of territory, shelter, access, intimacy, mystery. They can reveal and conceal. They can let it or keep out. They can invoke curiosity and desire. They can allow for passage between realms and spaces marking the transition. 

My work as a 'wyrder,' a weaver, witch and seer is about opening back to us that which has been closed, unspelling the chains of personal and cultural oppressions. Calling back the commons, connection. My work with trauma is about opening new doors and moving through thresholds that once seemed to be tangled in locks. My work as an herbalist is much the same. Plants open doors in the spirit, help the physiology strengthen its frame, lock what needs sealing and loosen what might be ready to soften. There is much magic afoot in all this.  

I really am glad you are here. On this site you can find many doors and I invite you to enter the ones that make you curious. 

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While I don't remember every line of that poem I wrote so many years ago, I do remember the ending: "oh that door, I must go through! That which I should I cannot do.."  It brings me such compassion for my younger self and such admiration for each of us as trauma survivors every time we go through a door or cross a threshold heading into realms of greater health, connection and solidarity. 

May my work here help turn a key and open a portal to something which once we thought we could not do. 

xoxo, k