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Plant Love For Your Kisser: Oral Herbalism Ebook

Plant Love For Your Kisser: Oral Herbalism Ebook


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OOOOOOHhhh! An ebook!

When I taught my Oral Herbalism class last fall, I got several requests to offer something like that online, so here is an empowering ebook version of that class ☺ 

We all know that our mouths are something we have to care for or the consequences are a trip to the dreaded dentist's office, which many of us avoid like the plague for both financial and emotional reasons. I'd like to give you some tools to help you develop a healthy, informed and plant inspired oral care routine!

This is 70+ pages of insight, information and resources to make your own home mouthrinses, tooth powders and my favorite mouth balancing herbal spray.

First we start with a tour of your amazing mouth. I want you to know it is far more lovely and able to heal itself than we were initially taught. Second, I want to give you a framework for building a comprehensive oral care routine that you can customize to your needs. Third, I share a few easy medicine making skills so that you feel confident to craft your own goodies at home. Lastly, I cover several easy to access and use herbs with recipes to use them. Plus a resources section for further learning and finding your ingredients. 

And I made it pretty. Prettier than the waiting room at the dentist office, LOL. 

This is a digital ebook that comes as a .pdf right after purchase! I hope you love it! 

here are some sample pages: