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Survivor's Heart Elixir

Survivor's Heart Elixir

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A potion designed for the wild, hard-working hearts of us survivors. It is rosy, bright and astringent. Read on....

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a potion to care for the deep and powerful hearts of survivors.....A short cut to understanding this potion would be this song + lyrics: 

"Grand Canyon"

Lost as I may be
All in the fog of my own noise and triviality
Grant, Holy Mother, grant me clarity
I am standing on the edge of forever... forever...

One among infinity
Witnessing the majesty
Calm in this humility
Witnessing the majesty
Hope as far as one can see
Witnessing the majesty [x3]
Standing on the edge of forever

Blessed that be in
Is reawakening
Grant, Holy Mother and my deathly slumber
To stand fearless on the edge of forever... forever...

One among infinity
Witnessing the majesty
Calm in this humility
Witnessing the majesty
Hope as far as one can see
Witnessing the majesty [x6]
Standing on the edge of forever

Hope as far
As one can see
As one can see

There's something very powerful about the hearts of those who have seen that what is decidedly NOT MAJESTIC. Personal and cultural trauma rips through us and changes the immensity of what we are asked to hold. To know. To survive. This immensity of grief stretches the heart, pushes it into a larger and bigger vessel, capable of also holding big power from any direction. We are also capable of holding equal vision and passion and love and glory. We learn to run big, big things through us. 

Blessed Be this Re-Awakening.

We stand fearless on the edges of forever, traversing many feels all by the time we gt out of bed and stumble into the bathroom. We do this several times a day. Run that big power in the stretched and pulsing hearts of ours. Our hearts have lived many lifetimes. And, no matter what it has been asked to hold, there is a chamber where there is 

Hope as Far as one can see. 

A heart the size of the Grand Canyon. One that braces for the rushing waters that flood our bodies. One that holds so much beauty you cannot help but but evoke wonder among those you open up to. 

This potion is made to strengthen and nourish that heart as you are working to make you way through a world which asks it to play nice. To be smaller. To settle down. To be reasonable. 

The plants in this potion are: 

  • Hawthorn Berry, Leaf and Flower, Crataegus spp.: Nourishes the physical and energetic tissues of the heart, strengthens circulatory and digestive functions, improves heart contractions while stimulating the body's capacity to receive and be rejuvinated
  • Arjuna, Terminalia arjuna, Bark: A heart strengthener, specific for the lymphatic system surrounding the heart, allowing for clearer communication between the heart and the mind, helps cool inflammation and excess heat in the heart region, works lovely in conjunction to hawthorn to strengthen the heart
  • Amla:  Cools the heat that gets stuck, adaptogenic, anti-inflammatory
  • Rose: Both pink and red. To open, cool, tone, empower
  • Motherwort: Leonorus cardiaca, Leaf and Flower: Gorgeous heart ally helping to cool and calm a fast moving heart and help us stay in our bodies. Lovely circulation support. 
  • Western Red Cedar, Thuja plicata, Leaf: Ah, this powerful tree. Sustainably and lovingly harvested. Just a touch in the potion. A big ass energetic support boost. Helps clear what is ready to be released. 
  • Red Rooibos, Red Tea, Leaf: Caffeine Free. Highly anti-oxidant. Delicious. Earthy. 
  • Larch Flower Essence: Trusting our own abilities. Willingness to keep moving forward. 
  • Shepard's Purse Flower Essence: Supporting us in moving through the cycles of waxing and waning
  • Borage Flower Essence: A little bit of courage for all the things your heart faces

Consult with a medical professional if you are using pharmaceutical supports for the heart or have active heart disease processes. If you are using other pharmaceutical supports or have allergies or questions, don't hesitate to email me :) Discontinue use one week before surgical procedures requiring anesthesia. 

Take a couple drops when you first get the tincture to get to know it and let it settle in. Take a dropperful as desired for the energetic support, take a bit more regularly for the physiological support of the tissues. 1 dropperful, 2x daily for the duration of the bottle, taking a day off now and then. 

Not for use while pregnant or nursing.