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Creosote Bush Flower Essence 1 oz.

Creosote Bush Flower Essence 1 oz.


Aids in emotional clearing, processing trauma and detoxing from painful past events. Grandmother energy. Ancestor connection. 

Right now this flower essence can be bought at a lovely price in addition to another item. I am not preparing them as solo orders. 

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This flower essence is very special. While driving on a back desert road, the Creosote bush this essence comes from called to me as I drove by. I threw the car in reverse, hopped out and sat with her. 

Aids us in: Clearing Emotional Baggage, PTSD healing, Releasing memories stored in the body/psyche, connecting with ancestors, understanding past traumas, coming into the present, 

Creosote Bush, aka Chaparral, Larrea Tridentata, is a plant that has been around for a long, long time. When the majestic Redwoods up north were starting to build, down here in the south, the Creosote Bush was doing her thing proudly. She's resilient. She's protective. She's seen a lot, including the bloodshed on this land brought via colonization/ers. And she still blooms, strong. Creosote Bush is being studied by scientists in cancer research because of a chemical compound known to be one of the strongest anti-oxidants on the planet. Ranchers who tried to settle in the southwest overgrazed the land and a byproduct of this is a huge abundance of Creosote bush. When space opened up, she moved in to stay.

The Creosote bush from which this essence was made. Mojave Desert, March 2014

The Creosote bush from which this essence was made. Mojave Desert, March 2014

She feels like a grandmother plant and carries that energy for me. Your grandmother has the ability to see things you can't: lessons that need to be learned, life events that need some clearer understanding, a healing embrace and a reminder that life isn't all that bad after all, even in our scariest moments.

This is a flower essence that gets into those memories that are stuck, the psychological trash we can't quite get rid off, the scary things we are holding onto for fear they will happen again and helps loosen them so they can be processed and released. For me, this has been happening through my dreams. I've dreamed of situations where I was traumatized or that were painful, but instead of re-experiencing the hurt, in the dream itself I am doing what ever is necessary to move on. And when I wake, the dream seems to be stored more as a memory than as a dream. 

It is specifically indicated for someone stuck in the throes of PTSD & flashbacks, especially if involving vivid and scary thoughts or images, waves of unknown terror and fear. It helps us let go, specifically letting go of emotional toxins. I know from experience, you can eat all the healthy vegetables in the world, but if your mind/spirit clings to toxic images and experiences, it's difficult to truly bring the body into a clean state of health. 

If you have been feeling like the world is too much, like you're nerves are on edge and you have restless sleep with a busy mind, it might be time to 'clean house' so-to-speak. You might need some help from a grandmother plant who has been there done that and can help you de-clutter the psychic debris. You might need to open the gates to the many ancestors standing behind you with the guidance you are ready to hear. 

Creosote also can help us to connect with our ancestors during prayer, or to develop a greater daily awareness of our connection with them. Grandmothers do that too. If you haven't learned too many of your grandmother's stories, I recommend spending some time with her and asking lots of questions. I bet there are secrets and wonders in that heart of hers. If your grandmother is no longer with us in the earthly plane, ask her anyways, and see what small wonders show up in your life that remind you of her. If your relationship with your grandmother is particularly painful or carries the legacies of abuse, this essence may bring you closer to that hurt, the way motherwort can feel alien to someone who has never really been mothered. It's ok, go slow, a drop or two here and there. 

Upon purchase I will prepare for you a one ounce dosage bottle that you can take internally directly. I recommend beginning work with this essence using 1-3 drops on the tongue once daily for 1-2 days and then moving to 1-3 drops 2-3 times a day. Take directly on the tongue or drop in water, tea, juice...A flower essence is vibrational medicine. It helps with our emotional/mental self. 

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