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Blood Roses Elixir

Blood Roses Elixir


I wrote a long piece on this potion which I recommend reading. you can find it here :) 


Yay! I'm Getting One

This potion has to say about all the times we tone ourselves down to fit in or be safer: in relationships, roles, cultural standards...all the places we play small for whatever reasons and how often that leaves us wanting, lonely and angry. It wants to help us engage our deeper desires and the emotions around being asked to conform to standards which are not our own in order to be safer. 

I wrote a post dedicated to this potion, you can find here. ☺

From the post:

"It is an ally in the process of reclaiming the fullness of your expression, the depth of your desires and the ability to name your experience. It can help spark movement. Initiate your transformation. It is a witnessing of your sacrifice. It can be the blood you offer instead of the precious pieces of yourself. It can help connect you to the sacrifices of others. "

ROSE shows up to open the heart and increase the depth of our spiritual intimacy with self, helps strengthen our defense systems. MEADOWSWEET blossoms help invoke Blouddewedd's daring and call for inner love and intimacy. HEATHER blossoms  help with the fertility of our desires and are initiatory to the self who wishes to be congruent and in harmony. SCHISANDRA berries remind us we can enjoy ourselves and help us find a new balance of power. AMLA reminds us to be cool and nourished, to approach changes and surges of power with clear intention so as not to burn or harm needlessly. HAWTHORN berries increase our heart's strength and ability to speak the truths within our hearts. She is gateway. She can help us grant death to things which no longer serve should we ask her help. SHATAVARI helps us go easy on ourselves. HIBISCUS invites us to remember the pleasure of lust and bright flavors. VANILLA bean to help restore the energy and joy in doing powerful work. CHIPOTLE pepper to rev our fires and help move our desires from being tightly wound in our core, out into the tips of our tongues and fingers and into the world.CHERRIES to remind us of the flavor of deep pleasure.

It's anti-inflammatory. Anti-oxidant. Nourishing. Stimulating.

Carry it with you to prepare for moments you will engage the struggle. Take it internally or over your heart as you journal about your desires to be known and seen. To live in communities that are safe. Use magically as you meditate, visualize or will into existence a new opportunity to manifest your highest, biggest self. Share in meetings with allies engaging the struggle against oppression. Take in moments you are nervous to express your needs, your desires (as long as you are not in danger of violence or abuse). Take as a part of mourning the violations made on the oppressed. Let it help remind you how sacred our resistance is." 

Let em know if you have any questions!!! ♥