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$5 Potion Explosion! :)

$5 Potion Explosion! :)

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See below for a variety of herbal treats made by yours truly at great prices before I move! :)

I will ship priority Tuesday morning!

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Hello :)

So, my website is a mess right now, I am totally exploding any notion of stability in my life and letting go off a permanent residence for a little while to travel-teach, integrate some huge growth and changes and movement into my work and service, do some service and activist stuff, and well, take a big chance. 

So I had a last evening in a kitchen and I decided to sing, to put some things together, offer them at great prices and raise some funds for the Herbal Freedom School. 25% of sales will go directly there. 

These admittedly aren't my most beautiful labels, and because I will load myself and a cat up in a car on Tuesday and I am pretty dang tired, I sadly don't have the time to make long beautiful posts about each one. It will be a little more nuts and bolts, but there was no rushing when the potions were crafted, that was about the most centered and joyous I have felt in a while. That is in there. What I will do is link some lovely pieces about the plants in the potions where I can't expand on them. And of course, let me know if you have any questions:

Ok, with all that said, here are the goodies:

Artemisias Syrup:

I had to put some in the gorgeous big green bottles, because, mugwort! This syrup-extract blend is made from four artemisias: A. douglasiana (a native mugwort in So Cal), A. californica (another native mugwort which is playful and very aromatic), A. vulgaris (the mugwort more typically found in commerce) and A. absinthium - wormwood (just a touch). There is both grain alcohol and fair-trade, organic sugar preserving it, but please stick in the fridge for longer shelf life. Use on the full moon, in tea, as a treat, as working with the plant, in magic, etc. 

It is definitely mugwort syrup. It's lovely. The large green bottle is gorgeous and I also have smaller 2 ounce bottles as well. 


Deep Red Syrup:

An alcohol free treat! Super antioxidant and rich in flavenoids and goodness. Made with organic red tea (no caffeine, rooibos), hibiscus, and freeze dried schisandra berry (so there is a bit of thickness to this syrup). Also a touch of lemon peel and fresh strawberry. Must be kept in fridge and I would enjoy this thoroughly as summer transitions to fall. Put on ice cream, pancakes, yogurt, in sparkling water...yumm! Made with fair-trade organic sugar. 4 and 8 ounce sizes available. 


Dill + Meadowsweet Elixir:

Dill is a largely understated herb I think, relegated to the culinary world. But it is a potent carminative, gentle nervine and playful aromatic herb. Meadowsweet is anti-inflammatory and cooling. This potion was made for the inner kid, specifically, to remind us that in youth there is great flexibility between states of being: we can be crying intensely and spot a butterfly, hop into joy with boogers streaming down out cheeks. Flexibility gets lost under stress and trauma, and this was what this potion was designed to remind us of. It was brewed in hipster-esque local Pacific northwest gin and lightly sweetened with vegetable glycerine. Take as desired. 

Avoid if you have a sensitivity to aspirin, salicylates, are taking blood thinners or think dill stinks, LOL. 


Red Cedar extract & Trillium Flower Essence Spray:

A little pacific northwest. The red cedar extract was made from downed limbs after a storm and the trillium flower essence was gifted to me after teaching at the Dandelion Seen Conference. This is a sweet way to shift space, feel the cool, nurturing nature of these special trees. Trillium flower essence seems to be different things to different folks. What I got when I took a few drops was a deep opening, a sense that I was ok. Of course, there is much to feeling ok, so underneath that was some type of movement. Oh! And the trilliums were not harvested. A sweet little aromatic gift. 

Ok! let me know if you have questions! This is a 24 hour offering before I make my portland exit! :) YAY.