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[Pic of a red rose bud with little water droplets on it] Can you believe I took this with a cell phone? :)ย 

[Pic of a red rose bud with little water droplets on it] Can you believe I took this with a cell phone? :) 

I'm currently working to make in-depth writings about working with herbal medicine for trauma folks.

There's a lot of stuff I have learned and been able to see work for folks, of course also things that didn't really make the impact we had hoped. I want to make this info a bit more accessible so keep an eye on the library as these things come up. Right now (Spring-Summer, 2017), that's my focus. In 2015-2016 I served over 230+ folks with donation-based consultations, folks from many different walks: squatters, sex-workers, activists, teachers, folks on disability , folks in high-paying positions, folks in crisis and folks navigating the slow burn of unresolved trauma. Folks who wanted plants as friends and folks who wanted them to come into the body in high quantities and make big changes. Folks with depression, anxiety, dissociation and other labeled things. Neurodivergent folks, witches and poets. Folks who would describe themselves as average, but who are anything but. 

In these partnerships, these poly-relationships between person, plant and me, there were some great successes, sometimes I missed the mark or had to try several different things, moments of spontaneous healing that really had zero to do with me (which is far more the truth in all of it) and deeply shared moments of profound witnessing each other. Really, I have just been a connector between folks and plants and trauma patterns, continuing to learn along the way. 

I want to take a pause on herbal consults and get some resources up and available, so you can know what is possible with herbs, the strengths and limits of herbal support, etc. so please forgive my absence of availability for consultations at this moment. I am sort of offering herbal consults right now but only in connection with a reading from the complex drama oracle deck because that's just what feels right in this moment and what I have the capacity to show up for over the next couple months while I do some herbal writing. Otherwise I'll never get the deck out of my belly and into the world! I talk about my work with those HERE. I anticipate opening consultations again on my return from teaching in Ireland and England this June <- yes, I just said that, I can hardly believe I get to go visit my ancestral lands and play with other plant people! I am trying to get some potions up in the shop so I can eat while I am there, LOL! 

In the mean time, I am devoting a serious amount of energy in my Online Anxiety Course, which at this point is pretty big and has lots of teachings I referenced above in video/audio and .pdf format, so if you are interested in going on a journey with anxiety and how plants can be allies in the process of addressing it, join me! Here is a sample .pdf which is an introduction to one of the sections that I love. :)

I'll update this page and shoot out an email newsletter when consultations open up again!

xoxoxo! k

 I'll be posting some of my trip via instagram, and would love to have you with me! I kind of stink at facebook, but I do enjoy instagram when I have the time: