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I *love* talking about trauma, magic, plants and physiology. And how these things interweave with social justice and empowered connections. In Oct. 2016 I started my first online course and have been getting better and better each week as I add material to it. So I am creating more! I think it is a great way to give access to some of the work I am doing with trauma, plants and magic that don't require travel, can be done at any pace and are more financially accessible than huge gatherings which can be quite costly. These feel like little portals into special places to me and I always believe that the real value of tem is what precipitates for you as you access them: you are truly the sacred text of the class as it will have it's own life with you. That's what I love most about doing this work. I hope you find one that nourishes you! If you have a request, let me know