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Brief Hello & Site Map


I am so glad you stopped by. My life is dedicated to the unspelling of personal and collective trauma. I have made a determination to find what lies in the realms beyond survival mode. Some of that work incorporates plants, some of it with living myth and the life force (generically called 'magic/witchy'), and some of it with words. All of the work I do is done with the intention to step into good relationship, to actively see, name and work to dismantle systemic oppression. 

This is a pretty quick intro to what things you can find in my little digital home. A longer (editing isn't my strong suit, lol) introduction to my story, my work and approach can be found HERE. I hope that something I say or offer here edifies you, witnesses your bravery, eases the isolation that comes with trauma and the struggles of neuro-emotional regulation or shares your joy of plants.  

Plant Stuff!

  • writings about plants HERE & HERE
  • Things I make HERE
  • Info about Consultations HERE
  • A big resource page of other lovely writings HERE
  • The Online Anxiety Course can be found HERE

Trauma Stuff

  • Writings about trauma & for trauma survivors HERE
  • My thoughts on 'unspelling' as an important part of transforming trauma HERE
  • The Complex Drama Oracle! Find It HERE

About & Connecting With Me

  • A Long Ass Intro, lol, HERE
  • I tell a lot about my story through my writings in the Library HERE
  • Some classes and events I might be up to HERE
  • Schedule a Reading with me? You can get that HERE :)