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How Am I? A Guided Self-Assessment

How Am I? 


the power of self-assessment

I have a password protected page that has been available to folks I connect with as an herbalist to use as preparation for our session together (sort of like and intake form but very different). Lots of folks reported it as being helpful for a variety of reasons and I definitely believe that knowledge is power and that all information is good information. Taking some time with a structured/guided approach to exploring what's currently happening for you in different areas of life that dramatically impact health can be a really valuable act of self-care. You get to cme into relationship with each question, deciding if it is of value to answer, if the answer tells you something that is useful, if you have any places you are stuck or not wanting to examine <-- all of that is good info because it is YOUR info. Your truths. So, I thought I would make this available to anyone who thought it would be useful, not just folks who have the space/time/resources/need for a crazy herbalist. ;) I like to do this assessment every other full moon. For me, anymore than that and I really don't pay as much attention, but seeing and monitoring shifts every other month has been really helpful to gently call attention to things I want to shift or need support around. Especially because sometimes us herbalists are the worst at taking our own advice, LOL! xoxoxo

you can access the 'client's page' HERE and use password: olivetree