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I'm currently on a break from seeing new folks online for herbal consultations so that I can get a couple projects done, most specifically, over the last couple years of serving folks I have learned a lot of things about plants, people, and plants + people that I want to get some writing done for, plus I just created an oracle deck based on complex trauma (of course it has some plants in it, lol) and am excitedly doing readings with those, which sometimes does call for some plant talk, herbal recommendations...I do have a combined option of herbal consult+ reading :)

I also don't talk much publicly about this or post pics (this is actually the first time I am sharing), but I make and deliver herbal stuff to marginally housed folks a couple days a month. I haven't met one 'homeless,' or marginally housed person who doesn't have complex trauma. It makes this work very private and very personal. I'm gonna sneak a donation button down at the bottom of this page at the encouragement of a few of my clients in case anyone with financial means would like to help support this work. 

However, if you found me through the Breathe Network, shoot me an email and let me know that :) If we have already done work together and you are thinking, "wow this person changes their website a lot!" You are correct and also just shoot me an email. In the mean time, herbal consults are in person, when I travel for the time being, so I can get caught up in writing and sharing the recipes that I have seen work really well. That info will be posted in the Library as it goes up!

I will say this, the online anxiety course has a lot of info in it (once we get to the allies sections) on herbs and how they can be used and I have been pouring my heart into this course, so in lieu of getting to work one on one you can explore a lot of how I show up to anxiety and struggles to regulate neuro-emotional experience as well as specific herbs in there. 

I'll be traveling to teach classes and conferences in Europe late May to late June (2017) and will likely resume herbal consultations upon my return!!! I'll be all fancy and global then, :P My goal is to have enough new plant writings up then that I can build on that on sessions with folks <3

Where to go next? 

How about the library? Or treat yourself to a potion? Or check in on your allostatic load? Take an online class? Tell me what you would like to know more about? 

In case you also have a soft spot for marginally housed folks as well as some financial resources you would like to share (I can't express enough gratitude in writing for any support you might want to share, thank you thank you thank you):