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Those gorgeous toes in the top right corner are MamaMaiz's ♥

Those gorgeous toes in the top right corner are MamaMaiz's ♥

let me sing the herbal consultation praises for a second....

----- please note, as of now I am on a break from offering one to one work while I get some new writing done and go overseas for some teaching engagements! I'll be back in July!!!!!----------

Like, if you and your herbalist make a great match you are in for some serious good juju. If you want to skip right to the prices, types and scheduling, scroll on down to the second half of the page :)

Herbal Consultations are:

PARTNERSHIP: You have stuff going on: body stuff or mental stuff or spirit stuff (usually its a mix of all three) and you have been working to figure it out on your own. Find your way through the maze of health stuff and people's recommendations, etc. Maybe whatever you would like to transform makes you feel alone or overwhelmed. As an herbalist, my role is to listen deeply, to hear what your concerns AND your direction of growth are, and to partner with you on your journey there. 

The dominant, western 'modern' culture tells us that 'happiness & productivity' are the epitomy of health and that if you are struggling with either of those that it is most likely your fault AND you need to be the one to fix it. And that is the lonliest shit ever. It isn't true. We have always needed each other and required/thrived best when supporting each other along our journeys. 

EMPOWERMENT: I hold a strong container of exploration and attention. I do not see you or anything you are experiencing as pathology. I see possibility. Patterns. I see chances for healing, connection and growth. I have no pre-conceived notions about how, why, what or when you should address anything that might be happening for you. I want to know what matters to you: how you want to feel. My role is to be quiet and see you. To ask clarifying questions. To honor your path. If you are feeling lost on it and don't know where to start, or how you want to feel, my role is to provoke curiosity and possibility. My constant focus will be about creating more access, choice and understanding about the processes that are happening in your body and how the plants can support you. 

CONNECTION: There are plants that want to play with you. Plants that nourish the spirit, teach us lessons, shift internal emotional states, release tension, increase focus, reduce excessive inflammation, make us feel things.....my role is to help facilitate that connection in ways that mean something to you. I use my intuition, my knowledge and my relationship with the plants. I often share specific ways to incorporate nature in my recommendations. I work to be a conduit between you and the plants. Because ultimately, it is about the work you two are doing together, and not about me really at all ☺ 

EDUCATION: Herbalists don't treat disease or make diagnoses. We can't legally do those things. What we can do is get to know what is going on for you and work to rectify patterns of imbalance through herbs/plants which assist the body's own healing capacities. My recommendations after an herbal consultation are just that: recommendations. I will tell you about the plant(s)/herbal formulas I am recommending and why. I will tell you as much as I know or you are curious to know about what might be going on in your body. And we will look at it through a lens of curiosity and wonder. An herbal consult is like a mini personalized class. 

STRATEGY: Part of the education piece above is using what information I gather to help you determine what may be possible in both the short term and long term. Some things clear up quickly, sometimes the first thing we want to do is help address the symptoms so that their is more energy to address underlying causes/patterns. Sometimes the first things we try don't hit the spot or we discover something surprising. My role as an herbalist is to do my very best to say: here's what might be possible right away and here are some recommendations for the long haul. Or, phases: phase one we want to help alleviate this, and phase two this might be possible, etc. It is very person specific. My consults will include a breakdown of both shorter term and longer term suggestions specific to what we explored in our time together.   

how I work:

Consults can get really serious and vulnerable, and they can be a lot of fun.  We will likely dance between depth and goofy. It's my style. 

Consults can get really serious and vulnerable, and they can be a lot of fun.  We will likely dance between depth and goofy. It's my style. 

I am passionate about serving folks who feel overwhelmed. Trauma survivors. Anxious types and deeply sensitive folks who have been told they are too much or too little for most of their lives. Folks who believe their healing is important because it allows others to heal too. Folks who have felt alone and lost and fear the doctors'/therapists' offices. Folks who believe they can get to where they want to go with the right support. Activists. Intersectional warriors. Survivors. Neurodivergent folks. Secret doubters who would try an herbalist just to see if it works. 

One of the things that I have found to be consistent: folks with highly sensitive and powerful nervous systems (anxiety), folks with deep, deep oceans of care and capacity to feel (depression), folks who are acutely aware of power and power dynamics (trauma survivors), neurodivergent folks (such as autistic and bipolar) and activist-visionaries have a SHIT TON of amazingness to offer our communities. 

Like seriously a SHIT TON. We need that creative and empathic energy to transform our culture from one that is extraction and production oriented, with an oppressive dominant culture, to one that is more relational, collective and empowering. Just the act of embracing who you are, what is happening in your life and healing old stories is transformational. The power of one life to ripple out and create magnificent things is VERY REAL. Your healing, my healing and the liberation of all the earth are tied together. If that sounds exhausting or overwhelming, good, and it totally is when you try to do it alone. When we are all trying to restore our communities and connections, find the right supports and solidarity, it becomes far less scary. In my practice, we start, one step at a time, finding the plants that show up and want to help see you through the changes.   .

 If you are want support to move deeper into your body, address physiological or neuro-emotional places that feel dysregulated I bet there are some plants who would love to work with you. What I do is help make that connection. I help play match maker between you and the plant world. Really, you and the plants do most of the work together, and it is beautiful. I love it. If you are interested in a one on one herbal consultation, I would be incredibly honored to be a part of your kick ass investment in self-care, connection and revolution!

I believe you are fucking magical. I believe in your fundamental worth, capacity to heal and thrive and that we all deserve a culture that values connection, pleasure, sustainability and wild diversity. So that's what I am working towards. That's at the heart of everything I do, be it teaching, making potions, becoming your ally in healing and whatever other trouble I can get myself into. Healing doesn't mean being cured of something. It means returning to state of wholeness. It means being empowered and present in our lives. It means being able to access support, meet our needs and share our brilliance (you are totally brilliant, btw). 

I have been recently asked a lot about my intersection of social justice and herbalism work. One of the things that I believe strongly is that we need each other and our relationships with each other and the earth are mediated by really oppressive systems. Trying to figure out how to serve my community and be honest with what it means to be a white, settler-colonizer trying to de-colonize the ancestral + community supporting magical traditions lost and nearly lost to us who has deep, loving interactions with plants and non-embodied beings is confusing as hell. 

I believe in reciprocity and exchange. I believe that everyone's talents contribute to rich and thriving community and I believe that access is an important issue to me. One of the ways I want to work in order to offset unearned socio-political privilege is to offer all herbal consultations via sliding scale/donation/exchange. What that means while I am trying to pay my rent and make sure I can eat and figure out how to also add cool things into my schedule is that how many folks I can serve each month shifts. For each person who does unspelling work with me, I can support more sliding scale herbal consults/pro bono support to folks who would otherwise not have access. Offering my herbal consultations via sliding scale allows me to be more congruent with my honest concerns about land, sustainability, consumerism, access, etc. while taking your budget, preferences and needs into account in my recommendations. 

If you would like to do an herbal consultation with me to address some physical or neuro-emotional patterns that seem out of whack, hop on the list below and I will get to you via email as soon as I can! If you have some economic privilege or opportunity and want to be able to schedule your herbal session now, I offer the chance to do that as a package with an unspelling session, because combining these together has been a fantastic way to support the body + the spirit, and each time this package is booked I am able to offer more space to someone on the wait list! It's a win-win collectively. You can also book an unspelling session (which focuses a lot on trauma patterns, inner critic and stress responses) to get a jump start while you are waiting for your herbal consult turn if you are torn between the two or do not have the economic privilege to invest in both at once. 

some options to choose from:

sliding-scale herbal consultation

in person group consults

herbal consult + unspelling duo

----- please note, as of now I am on a break from offering one to one work while I get some new writing done and go overseas for some teaching engagements! I'll be back in July!!!!!----------

  • Sliding Scale Herbal Consultations are really fun. And hard. They are about 90 mins and are done via phone or video, recorded so that you can access it again later (unless you prefer not to, which is always ok!), and a password protected online space with your recommendations, resources and a video message from me in response to what we explored together. That way, you don't have to take it all in at once. I'll make herbal recommendations, usually with any relevant suggestions that can support the herbal work as well. I may or may not have the herbs I recommend personally, but I will explore your budget options and ensure I make recommendations based on what is important and accessible to you. In the herbal consults, I am primarily focused on the intersection of how your body is doing and how you feel about how your body is doing, because I want to support both those experiences. 
  • In-Person Group Consultations: When I get to travel to teach, I love the option of coming together with a few folks who trust and feel (pretty) comfortable with each other to do some group exploration of physiological patterns and herbal support. These are few hours long and include exploring what the main individual + shared struggles are and how the group can obtain herbs at better costs + support each other in the process. I find this to be really special work shared between activist-co-workers/organizers, family members going through intense transition or health concerns, friends + parents who are all struggling with similar fatigue, stress levels, etc. There is room for each person to have individualized input + shared recommendations. It is like part class and part herbal consult and part resource building. If I am coming to your neck of the woods, or you want me to, and you would like to schedule something like this, get in touch with how many folks (I recommend no more than 6 with 3-4 being ideal) and I'll get back to you :) These can be done by donation. 
  • Herbal Consultation + Unspelling Duo: This is a really sweet option for folks with the economic access. In one session, we get to really explore the physiological shifts you desire and look at ways to support them. Then we get to do another session together where we look at any patterns that have been a challenge, an area you feel like you have been stuck, places in your life that feel off limits due to old narratives, spots you are hard on yourself...unspelling work is really special to me as well (read more about it HERE). Getting to visit both of these places with you allows us to do some pretty substantial work together :) $195 

If you are feeling like, "what, I don't know where I would start," I have created a simple resource to do a guided self-assessment in many of the major areas of health: sleep, digestion, pleasure (<- the one most folks say is the hardest!), nerves, etc. Going through the process can bring a lot of stuff up and might give you clues about if you are ready/want an herbal consultation or if maybe you want to do some unspelling work first/instead to get support around identifying trauma narratives/patterns that might be preventing some deeper relationship with physiological needs. My guess is that you'll know what you want moving forward after walking though it :) 

some praise:

"Working with kirsten has been so wonderful! She is so personable, and makes you feel so comfortable.  Even after a first consultation, I felt as though she really understood me and my concerns, and made me feel so at ease and cared for!  She fosters such a genuine connection with you, and since beginning working with her, her herbal tinctures and dietary suggestions have made such a huge difference in my day to day life!" 


"I met with the Crazy Herbalist to help with pre-menopause symptoms and painful joints due to inflammation. Kirsten's knowledge of both areas was amazing. I felt safe and cared for during the consultation. Her passion for her work comes through and the remedies she prescribed provided relief for my knees and hot flashes. Thank you, Kirsten!"

~Desiree K. 

"I really enjoyed the experience of working with Kirsten Hale.  She is a thoughtful listener and made many helpful lifestyle suggestions after our initial consultation.  The teas and tinctures I received from her were very helpful."

~Cassie H.