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*Please note that I get to my email as soon as I can, and I prioritize emails from clients. If it takes me a little bit to get back to you, it's not personal or being ignored. Thank you for your understanding!*

Monthly plant LOVE newsletter

I periodically send out newsletters to say, "hey! here's what I have written/made/am offering" in case they would be of value to you. And to say hi. In a perfect world I would have some kind of rhythm but I don't, I just send them when I am proud of what new things I have to share. If that sounds lovely, yay!

Questions & Other Inquiries

I would love to hear from you! If you have a question after reading through the site, let me know! Please allow a few days for a response time as I do receive lots of questions and prioritize them according to my level of business and place the needs of folks doing consultations above general inquiries. I also sometimes need a day without email to recalibrate ♥ 

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