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Big Ass Resource List

Very early on in my herbal studies I discovered a master resource page on amazing herbalist jim mcdonald's website. I returned to it several times throughout my studies and still do when I am contemplating something. So, I wanted to be a copy cat and do the same thing, to create a place to put some of my favorite herbal, mental health, physical and magical resources that I find useful, ENJOY:) please note a couple things: I am building this from scratch and it will continue to grow & I do not necessarily or without critical thought endorse everything and every perspective in each of these links....just good research and feel free to like or not like any of these things!

Herbalism& Physiology

the heart:

The Heart's Well of Memory, by Sean Donahue

The Dynamic Heart and Circulation, by the Nature Institute


the gut:


the nervous system:


the mind/brain:


generative organs/pelvis:



On "Being An Herbalist":

Stephen Harod Buhner's brilliant 2009 keynote for the AHG warning about GMPs and summoning the wild heart of the herbalist, as well as his article with thoughts on licensing of herbalists from his website.

Some legal history on the right to practice herbalism, Roger W, Wicke

Some history of herbal medicine, by Candice Canton

Renee Davis, MA from Goldroot Botanicals fantastic resource for the herbalist on Botanical Research  

Decolonizing Herbalism by Toi Scott 


Ongoing Herbal Education:

Backcountry Recordings: Low Cost Recordings from herbal conferences 

Botanical Medicine/ Herbal Education Services: Low cost recordings from herbal events


Medicine Making:

Basic Guidelines in making Oil Infusions by Pindari Herb Farm...super to the point guide


Plant Stuff & Monograghs:

Plant Family Patterns for the Neo-Botanist

Motherwort: From I Can't to I Can

The Healing Power of Reishi by Jon Keyes


Constituents & Phyto-Chemistry:

Blessed Bitters by jim mcdonald




death & herbs:

Mental Health & Trauma

Crisis And Support Resources:

Rape and Incest National Network (RAINN): Online resources + Online and Hotline crisis support

National Domestic Violence Hotline: Online Resources + Online and Hotline crisis support

The Breathe Network: Connects Survivors of Sexual Violence with Sliding Scale, Trauma-Informed Resources

An Herbalist's Toolkit for Crisis, by Traci Picard

Everything Is Awful and I Am Not Okay downloadable .pdf by Eponis on Tumblr



Bessel Van der Kolk, The Body Keeps the Score, and this Youtube video of his awesomeness and this video about heart-rate variability

Peter Levine, Waking the Tiger and In an Unspoken Voice     

The Heart's Well of MemorySean Donahue    

Why Racial Justice Needs to Include Mental Health by Oliver Glass



CPTSD, Allostatic Load and Giving No Fucks, by yours truly

Wild Geese, Emotional Flashbacks & Mnemosyne, by yours truly

Pete Walker, and his book, CPTSD: From Surviving to Thriving


Non-Pathologizing Health Resources:

The Icarus Project, there zines on self-harm and depression, handouts on Navigating CrisisFirst Aid for Emotional Trauma, and Madness & Oppression zine

If you are in the Bay Area, check out the Berkeley Free Clinic for physical + emotional support

Rest for Resistance for QTPOC


Neurodiversity: Some Basic Terms and Definitions, Nick Walker

Throw Away the Master's Tools: Liberating Ourselves from the Pathology Paradigm, Nick Walker 

What Herbalists Need to Know About Autism, Sean Donahue

The Untamed Heart: Holistic Approach to Bipolar, by Jon Keyes

How Octavia Butler Wrote Her Life Into Existence

list list

Magic &Witchery