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Anxiety Course Intro 1

A labor of love...


This online course is an offering from the depths of my heart.

I have thought long and hard about how I can share what I have learned about 'anxiety' in a way that is congruent with what helps liberate us from it: how we see it, what access to resources we have, how much we understand what is happening emotionally and physically. 

Some core perspectives guiding my approach to this offering: That your nervous system is powerful and doing what it knows how to do given what circumstances it is under, that the slower we go the faster we will get there, that transformation happens more in relationship than it does in isolation, that your physiology is beautifully the video I speak more about my approach and why I am excited to offer this course. 

What I am doing is facilitating a journey. I want to provide solid, accessible information that allows you to deepen your relationship with your truths, with your needs and with what familiar and new resources are part of your arsenal in restoration, repair, and reconnection. Healing, shifting and resilience happens in relationship. That's why this isn't a "8 weeks to eliminate anxiety course" or "learn the missing nutrient you need to heal your anxiety" thing. Also, I can be critical of medical and pharmaceutical industries, but definitely not on any of our individula use pf pharmaceutical supports (meds) or other modern interventions. I care about what resources you have access to in addition to whatever might be working for you.

This will be a journey together. I create access to structured resources, but you, you do the powerful and beautiful work of coming into relationship with it. You can join any at anytime!


Some of the destructive cultural scripts which perpetuate the anxiety cycles say:

  • that something is wrong with you, your character and/or your body 
  • that you are solely responsible for fixing it yourself, that you are seperate from the social-cultural forces which you live under or that are forced on you
  • that it is just psychological/ that it is just physical 
  • that you deserve to be anxiety free when you are 'productive enough', 'good enough'
  • that anxiety is result of your personality
  • that experts are the ones who heal us/have power over us/know more about us
  • that herbs are the things that heal us (as opposed to partnering with us)
  • that you feel too much/that you are too sensitive, take things too personally
  • have any you want to add? ;)

Anxiety is the NATURAL outcome of several relationships interplaying in our bodies + spirits. It is not a thing that 'you have'...

Each 'lesson' will take a look at one of the relationships that might be causing strain on you. We will look at how do we identify this stressor? What alleviates it? What obstacles arise to changing it? How can we bring in plants to shift this relationship?  What are the impacts on our physiology? How can I make herbal preparations or access resources affordably/at lowest cost on my own?

Here are some of the major areas we will be covering:

  • The power of self assessment and and exploration
  • Liberating anxiety from the pathology paradigm and redefining it
  • Identifying Fear vs. Anxiety and why that matters
  • It's Not You: exploring the constellation of social. cultural, personal and environmental stresses plus barriers to resources and support
  • The physiology of anxiety and its liberation, including an exploration of adrenals, the autonomic nervous system, poly-vagal theory/heart centered consciousness, the gut & microbiome, the interplay of nutrients, sleep, physical tension
  • Accessing various resources and deepening our relationship with self, specifically the emotional self and shame cycles
  • exteroception, neuroception + gut knowing/body knowledge, the power of breath, some magical practices as the relate to liberating tension in our psyche's + bodies
  • Some home herbal medicine making + recipes for specific concerns and anxiety patterns such as hypersrousal, freeze response, disrupted appetites, etc. 
  • Herbs which support the endocrine + nervous system (prioritizing easily accessible, sustainable and affordable options), gut flora and for pleasure
  • Play, pleasure, falling in love with self and and environment

You know, just a few things, right? ;) if you have read any of my blog posts, you know I don't skim the surface of big concepts. This course will be very much the same! We will be diving into concepts pretty deeply, while exploring relationships with plants without limiting them to "things which will fix the anxiety." Because if we treat the plants as if they are the source of the healing, we limit the relationship we can have with both self and plant. There will be recipes and in depth info on the plants which can be powerful allies as we teach/re-teach our autonomic nervous systems to trust us, and to trust its environment. This course started live October 1st, 2016 but can be joined anytime to access the materials and past + current live events. 

important course details: 


I want to honor multiple learning styles and ways to incorporate information. There will videos in which I will introduce materials and share insights regarding the information in each section. I will make identical audios of the videos for folks who prefer listening to watching. There are downloadable .pdfs and written materials as well as links to other resources which help flesh out and build upon our focus for that section. The course is based on the internet and these materials can be accessed via mobile devices (except for the live webinars on iphones-sorry!). 

In addition to the materials above, the course software allows me to do live webinars with chat options so that we can connect regarding the course material, exploring what is coming up, challenges and insights from each other and ask questions. I may also incorporate other live events as well. If you miss the webinar it is recorded and can be accessed right in the course when you have time. You do not have to "keep up" with the course in order to take advantage of the live events! You get to go at your own pace, coming back to pieces you want to revisit as often as you desire. In fact going at a pace that makes sense to you will be an incredibly important part of integrating the information in a way that becomes natural and helpful :) Unfortunately right now iOS (iphone) browsers do not support the webinar functions in the course and so live events would need to be experienced on other devices (Macs work fine just not iphone). There is also the ability to do teleconference so we may play around with both. 

New material will be released every few weeks with live events in between :) At this time, we will be co-creating the course length together. Listed above are the areas we will be covering, it is actually quite a bit of content and so I will be keeping a close eye on how fast seems to feel right for the group. The goal is to actually be able to implement the information, to come into relationship with it and so I will be closely watching for how that is going based on your feedback to the exercises and our connections together.  

You can join at any time, the content will come to you based on when you jump in and you will get access to each of the live sessions no matter when you join in!

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$15 a month. 

That's it. And that's not going to change, it isn't teaser rate or something that will lead you into me selling something bigger down the line. It is straight up the financial exchange to help me bring this course to life and for us to be able to stay in relationship through this course. This way, each month you get to evaluate if this relationship is working for you/worth the investment/able to be made given your current financial resources. My goal is not to do some big launch sales thing where you make a huge upfront contribution and then feel pressure to do the course and if you fall behind feel shame or lost or alone. I've seen that happen in other courses. 

I believe in financial access. I believe in relationship. Offering the course this way allows me to be congruent with those values. I allows me to offer this in a way that might fit a budget which has been impacted by the financial toll that anxiety takes on us already. I deeply value and take great responsibility in honoring your investment of time, energy and financial resources. Plus trust. Signing up for stuff takes trust and I value that. If at any point you feel like you aren't getting what you need, you can cancel the subscription. And I won't take it personally, I promise. I may solicit voluntary feedback should you want to share. :)

Folks who stay through each module, once they are all completed, will get access to a static course with all the lesson materials to reference for as long as it is online and can opt out of the monthly fee. Cause, all the modules are done! You finished it! If the online live sessions remain of value, you can stay in the live course as well. 

If you want to do this course and $15 a month is prohibitive for you, please email me at hello (at) :) If you are an activist doing work with organizations in front line struggles for #blacklivesmatter, Indigenous rights and land protection, Immigrant and Migrant Worker solidarity and other anti-racist, anti-oppressive organizations please also email me for a different cost option for the course. 


I have a longer introduction to myself and my work HERE, but I wanted to take a moment and acknowledge some factors affecting this course and some possible limitations so that you can make an informed choice. I am a cis-gender, white, able-bodied, queer herbalist living and working on the unceded and colonized traditional village sites of the Multnomah, Kathlamet, Clackamas, Chinook, Tualatin Kalapuya, Molalla and other indigenous peoples in a place called Portland, OR where I am learning to walk with the cedars. I am committed to ending white supremacy and US imperialism, the de-centralizing of euro-centric values, to anti-oppression activism, Indigenous rights and sovereignty, the abolition of the police, supporting Black Lives Matter, as well as supporting community led coalitions addressing the needs and rights of immigrant/undocumented individuals. My spiritual practices and relationship with plants are not at all separate from social justice. Capitalism, patriarchy and heterosexism can kiss my ass too. 

I am unjustly privileged because of dominant cultural hierarchies. I intend to do my best in this online offering to explore and address those lenses and privileges as I offer the material. I will absolutely do my best. I can't promise I won't fuck up, however. What I will not do in this course is appropriate from other cultural traditions, tell you that eating organic is the only way to heal you, try to explain other cultural perspectives on mental health or other dumb crap I have seen. I will spend the bulk of my energy on naming the ways in which euro-centric views on mental and physical health, white, capitalist patriarchal, hetero-normative, able bodied and neurotypical oppression plays out in anxiety patterns and causes ongoing social complex trauma. If all that makes you interested/excited/curious, awesome! If you are uncomfortable with this focus, please email me and let me know what that brings up for you. I am happy to dialogue privately about why identifying and naming dominant cultural norms is important for every aspect of physical and mental health. 

I deeply value relationship and will listen to feedback regarding the course content. One of my weaker areas of social justice is understanding ableism as it effects folks with different needs and who access different forms of technology/etc. I want to be honest and clear about that being an area I need to continue doing deeper work in. Well, all of them actually, ally work is never complete while hierarchy exists. 

A Little Disclaimer

Any of the information presented in this course, herbal or otherwise, is not intended to diagnose, treat or replace the professional services of licensed medical and mental health professionals. None of the herbal information I will be offering is sanctioned by the FDA or any other wildly bureaucratic government entity. This is a course providing resources for education and sometimes some funny jokes. And with any course and person you study with, feel free to question anything you are told that doesn't feel right, research it further or yell at your computer screen. And if the tea recipes I give you taste terrible then you can write terrible review and tag me on instagram of your cup of tea looking all sad, @crazyherbalist. 

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