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Class One: Foundations!

Here is what you need to know: 

  • I accidentally hung up a couple minutes in (oops!) so there are a couple minutes of silence, by I do come back in!
  • I spend a lot of time talking about the socio-cultural stories shaping our relationship to our bodies....
  • There was a couple questions asked in the end and I forgot everyone couldn't see the question I was reading, so here are the two questions I did answer so what I say makes sense: (Great questions, thank you!!!)
    • 1. I have been taking Susan Weed's Nettle Infusion four days a week as an adrenal tonic. I am a petite woman and didn't feel well when I added 1/2 cup of nettles to a quart jar of water. I reduced the nettle herb to 1/4 cup per a quart jar of water and feel better, as well as tablespoon of spearmint and a tablespoon of rose petals. I did not add Raspberry leaf to the infusion because I am estrogen dominant. Do you know of any other herb/s that I could add to this nettle infusion?

      2. If I wanted to support the adrenals naturally, do you know what form (i.e. powdered, leave, tincture, etc) is best? Do the forms of herbs work differently in people and if so, is it based on one's constitution?

  • Email me any questions you have as we move into class #2!

  • Email me any feedback you have! :) 

  • I will send out info on class #2 soon! <3

Class Two: Nourishing

So, here we are after class one. What are some of the key ways to prevent depletion? What is really happening to lead up to adrenal depletion? In this class I cover Allostasis, Allostatic Load, Sleep, Play, Fats, Sugar, Milky Oats and Nettles :) Enjoy!

Class Three: Restoring

The last of this series! I talk about high cortisol vs. adrenal fatigue, two of my favorite formulations, some of the dietary recommendations that I have seen be very successful for folks I have worked with :) I share the Golden Milk Electuary basic recipe you can make at home to help fight inflammation....and.....other stuff ♥